Learning to drive with Dave was brilliant, I really looked forward to my lessons 
despite being a nervous driver as Dave  would put me at ease every step of t
he way and really push me to succeed. Dave has a great manner and is really 
easy to talk to.

He is able to explain every manoeuvre in a way that you're guaranteed to 
understand and conquer quickly and confidently. In the lead up to my test, 
Dave was able to calm my nerves and ensure I was fully prepared. When I did 
pass I was ecstatic but also sad that my lessons were over as I always had 
a great time thanks to Dave!

Kathryn from Prudhoe

Learning to drive with Dave was a fantastic experience. I would look forward to each lesson, to the new things I'd Learn and the new places I'd go. Being a learner driver I felt comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Although I am very pleased I passed my test I will always miss my lessons with Dave!

Cheryl from Birtley

Thank You!
Thumbs Up


I was really nervous to start driving but Dave has been so brilliant from the start! He always made driving lessons fun and something to look forward to. He had continued patience and confindence in my driving even when I didn't. I'd never be such a confident drivier if it wasn't for Dave. Although I'm happy to have passed I will miss my lessons with Dave, he's such a laugh and always has extra strong mints on hand! I would highly recommend Dave to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks Dave!


Before I started learning to drive with Dave I was not very confident about my driving ability and had previously given up trying as my nerves always got in the way. From day one, Dave was relaxed and friendly and made me feel at ease. He explained things very clearly with his road, roundabout and car pictures and videos. His knowledge on everything car related or not was never ending. I learnt something new every lesson I had with him. Dave gave me the confidence and believed in me enough to make me determined to pass my driving test. I always had a laugh with him in my lessons and he always had a funny story to tell and great impressions. It takes a lot to impress me, but I would highly recommend Dave to anyone learning to drive. The day I passed my test was the day I drove on my own, I could not have done this without him. Thank you so much Dave, I miss our Thursday morning lessons and especially your supply of extra strong mints!!!


Taking my lessons with Dave was the best decision I made after switching from another instructor. Each lesson was completely different and we had great conversation throughout my time learning with him. Had every confidence in me passing my test. Would strongly recommend anyone to learn with Dave in the future!

Lorna Hughes

Before David i had 2 other instructors one when i was 17 another a couple years later. Last year in April (I was 20) i decided that i was going to learn how to drive again and that's when i found David. We sorted out a day to have my first lesson and i was so nervous but as soon as i met David straightaway i felt at ease. I continued having driving lessons with David fitting lessons in when we could with me working Night Shift. Each lesson got easier and easier with time and i was able to relax and have fun while learning how to drive. However i struggled with having confidence and always putting myself down. David was always saying how well i drive, always trying to boost my confidence and when he thought i was ready for my test he would be telling me all the time but i would never believe him and then started to make mistakes when driving. On the 11th February 2016 i finally booked my test for the 6th March 2016. I decided not to tell anyone family or friends that i have my test booked, keeping it a secret and finding excuses was so hard when everyone was asking me questions on how my driving is going and when will i get my test booked. On the day of my test i was extremely nervous, David was so carming and throughtout was helping me with my confidence saying that i can do this, concentrate on being the good driver that i am and not the Man/Women in the car with me so i done that but i still had it stuck in my head that i failed but I PASSED.
I just want to say a HUGE Thank You David for teaching me everything to make me a good driver, having the confidences to say that i was ready for test, putting up with my huffs, tears and tantrums and being able to have a laugh and also having someone to talk to. Never thought i would be at this point of actually being able to drive by myself in my own car if it wasnt for David for always pushing me to do this. The sky is the limit now!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH DAVID! :)
I would recommend David to anyone that is wanting to learn how to drive. :)
Best Wishes David, missing you already :)

Emmelia Dunn

After 12 years of on/off driving lessons and several instructors I thought I would never be confident enough to drive! Then both my sisters passed there test with Dave and highly recommended him to me. Very nervous and a bit apprehensive I called Dave, from, the second I spoke to him he made me feel at ease, I started from scratch with him and from the first time I got in the car he was chatty and friendly and my nerves settled. I had never got as far as a theory with anyone else but Dave gave me the confidence not only to learn to drive, do my theory but to pass my test! He never let me give up and was always positive. Great guy, great instructor! Would recommend Dave to anyone! Thank you Dave :-)


From the first lesson Dave was friendly, relaxed and easy to talk to. He would always be confident in my driving and never held me back from learning new techniques unless it wasnt safe. During lessons i felt at ease and he was extremely thorough and clear with his instructions. I felt confident when driving, and was always given advice and tips constantly throughout all my lessons. Even when I thought i new it all for the test Dave showed me new techniques, not onmly to pass the test, but to be a safe and careful driver on my own. I passed first time thanks to these lessons and will miss them!


Dave is an amazing instructor who makes you feel relaxed and at ease whilst driving. He explains everything so thoroughly and helps suit his teaching to you. Not only is he a great instructor, he is also a friend and listens to all your troubles and fears with driving. Dave never fails to have a packet of extra strong mints or fisherman's friends and fills you in with fun facts as you drive along. I always felt excited to learn new things and looked forward to my lesson each week and learning to drive overall for me, was an enjoyable experience. I felt calm and well prepared going in for my test and passed first time. However I will miss my lessons with Dave as he never failed to make you laugh. I thoroughly reccomend Dave to anyone wanting to learn to drive.


I started driving with Dave after a reccomendation from a friend, after trying and failing to learn to drive with other instructors due to stress and aniexty. Instantly Dave put me at ease, making it so much easier to actually focus and learn to drive! He is so patient and supportive, no matter what your worries or stresses are (car related or not!) he will deal with them and help you through them beautifully. My confidence grew so much learning to drive with Dave and I am so appreciative that he managed to help me pass my test first time and become a safe driver for life! If you're even just considering to learn to drive, do it, and do it with Dave!!


I passed my test on the 19/11/15, thanks to Dave my driving instructor, my agony aunt. On the day of my test i was so nervous but dave was fantastic and kept reasurring me that i would doing great, dave told me that he was that confident that i would pass my test that he had gave my lesson booking to someone else. Thank you Dave for believing i could do it :)
On my first driving lesson with dave i was a total nervous wreck,shakey hands,butterfly tummy, and jelly legs. By the time my first lesson was done, i felt relaxed and at ease. I looked forward to every driving lesson, now that ive driving myself it feels strange not having him to talk to. If anyone has problems with nerves or unsure of driving i would definitely recommend this guy, he is easy to get on with, i have heard some people saying that their instructor shout at them when they make a mistake but Dave aint like that he explains stuff with so much detail that its easy and clear to understand what you need to do. For months i struggled with reverse round a corner but what i was trying to do was not only do the manoeuvre but park at the same time. When Dave realised what i was doing he set me straight and now i can do it with no problems. Dave has so many different ways to make you understand, which worked a treat for me. Now i feel like i have a made a great friend. Thank you for all the support you have gave me xxxxx I am always recommending him to people i know that wants to learn how to drive... My daughter has just commented that he was really good mam as he gave you confidence to be able to drive. oooo one thing i forgot to mention is the endless supply of extra strong mints ;)

Sam Brady

Dave is a fantastic teacher: informative, enouraging, patient, and always up for a laugh or deep conversation! I was finally able to pass my driving thanks to his teaching, and would highly recomend to anyone interested!


Dave was everything you could hope for from an instructer, helpful, patient but also good fun. Many of my friends have already been taught by dave and i wouldnt hestiate in recommending him to anyone else.


I would not make it without him! For 31 years I was telling myself this is not for me and I will not be able to drive... I can now and that is because he always knew when to push me and when to slow down because I was scared... He is great teacher and fantastic person! Thank you very much Dave and will miss you a lot.

Jess Moor

Learning to drive with Dave was a great. Every lesson he reassured me that I could do it and praised me throughout which boosted my confidence. Dave is really friendly and a good laugh. I couldn't have passed my test without him! I sure will miss our lessons! Thanks for everything Dave! :)

Beth Handyside

It was great learning to drive with Dave, especially if you're like me- scared of everything! He made me feel very comfortable and helped build my confidence. By showing me videos, using toy cars to show scenarios and getting out the car to watch roundabouts it really helps understand the reason behind maneuvers. I now love driving my car and feel like a confident driver.
Thanks Dave!

Owen Apedaile

Thanks Dave for being so relaxed and calm with everything, an easy frindly learning environment and a great experience. It was a pleasure to be taught by you and just cant wait to get my first car. Will highly recomend to anyone interested in learning to drive, a superb teacher. Thanks again :)


Learning to drive with Dave was a fantastic, enjoyable experience. I looked forward to every lesson and he bestilled in me not only the confidence to drive but also a love of driving and a respect for the vehicle and the road. The best thing about the lessons were that Dave didn't just tell me what to do without explaining why I needed to do it: everything was taught from a perspective of how it would help to make me a safer and a better driver and I really appreciated it. Thanks again Dave!!


Thanks Dave for all your hard work, I passed on my second attempt with just 2 minors. Thanks to Dave's precise, relaxed and encouraging teaching style, he turned this over cautious learner into a competent and confident driver. Would recommend to any learner at any stage.


I put off learning to drive for 12 years and frankly that seems a bit silly as I just passed first time thanks to Dave's help. In spite of circumstance trying its best to get in the way he fought to make sure that we could get in the lessons I needed and was happy to adjust his schedule to fit in around my working day.

Lessons were always entertaining as well as informative and I feel like Dave's taught me to drive, and to enjoy driving, rather than simply to pass the test.

Thanks again for all your help and patience and if you're reading this trying to decide who to pick as a driving instructor I'd say you won't go too far wrong with DPdriving.


Dave is such a friendly and calm guy, I don't know how he was so at ease with me at the wheel from the very start! I always felt safe being in the car with him and his little tricks for every situation make learning with him much easier and with far less stress. He is a great teacher and built up my confidence so I could become more relaxed when driving and start to believe in my ability Not only did he put up with me being a perfectionist, he also drove to Durham every week for me without complaint, thanks again for that! He was so patient with everything, no matter how many attempts it took to perfect reversing around a corner! Thanks for everything Dave, your tricks and advice will stay with me for a long time!!


JUST PASSED!! enjoyed all my lessons with Dave, great guy and the banter was top notch, think the best thing is although he can be serious at times he’s still a good laugh when you're driving around and knows how to put you at ease


Dave was a great driving instructor. He really helped me to combat my nerves when taking my test; I'm not sure I would have passed without his help! He explained everything really clearly and gave loads of helpful tips. He stayed calm whenever I made any mistakes and gave me lots of confidence in my own ability. Thanks again Dave!

Melanie Jackson

It was an absolute pleasure learning to drive with Dave. He was a fantastic teacher and a right good laugh! I looked forward to every lesson so much and now I've passed I miss my lessons with him! His teaching techniques were clear, easy to follow and informative and I believe I'm a far more confident driver because of what he taught me. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who is thinking about starting their driving, I had tried other Instructors before and Dave is honestly the best by far!

Jess Rea

Dave is an absolutely brilliant teacher, couldn't have asked for any better. He explains things really simply with easy ways to remember each manoeuvre. He's really patient and calm whilst always having plenty to chat about each and every lesson. Even managed to get me to pass first time making him an absolute miracle worker! thank you Dave!

Amy McGillivary

Thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with Dave, he made me feel comfortable behind the wheel within minutes of my first lesson. He helped me progress my driving skills very quick which boosted my confidence a lot. With the lead up to my test Dave still managed to keep me calm and confident with his great advice and teaching points. My lessons flew by with Dave with him being so easy to talk to, he's great to have a laugh with if that's what you're looking for because I was! I will easily say my lessons were a barrel of fun! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor I would gladly say he was worth every penny! (well every penny from my mam!) going to miss my weekly lesson (little gossip) with Dave, I will be recommending him all the way!

Carla Moor

Dave was an amazing driving instructor, I enjoyed every lesson with him he made me feel very confident about driving. It’s going to be strange not having Dave sitting next to me in the car while I’m driving, making me laugh and telling me how to do things. I’ll miss the lessons with him but sooo pleased I passed! Thanks for everything. :)


Really enjoyed my lessons with Dave. A brilliant, patient instructor with a lot of banter! He really puts you at ease and fills you with confidence :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Every lesson was enjoyable for me and I will miss them now that I've passed.


I really enjoyed learning to drive with Dave, I would always be looking forward to my lessons every week. Although I am chuffed to have passed my test I will still miss my lessons. Cheers Dave!!!


Dave is an excellent driving instructor. He has really effective methods to remember key driving techniques that have been drilled into my mind, probably forever. He always made sure the lesson time was being used to the full. It was always a good laugh as Dave made driving fun rather than stressful with his stories and just general craic. I highly recommend Dave as a driving instructor!


After having other instructors before Dave, I was a very nervous learner. However, he is so friendly he made me feel at ease straight away and I quickly felt able to relax and much more confident! Dave is a great teacher and was able to explain exactly what I needed in order to pass my test first time. I am so thankful for the help and support Dave gave me whilst learning to drive and through my test. My little brother is a year away from learning to drive and I would only recommend Dave for the job! Having passed in May I now feel a happy and confident driver all thanks to Dave’s hints and techniques! Thanks again Dave I definitely miss our Saturday lessons!

Naomi Brennan

Dave is a legend. I was a nightmare behind the wheel, Maureen from 'driving school' had nowt on me!! I'd had 30+hrs previously with BSM over a period of several years and after making little progress I was resigned to the fact that driving may just not be for me. But after another baby, the thought of doing the Tesco shop on the peasant wagon with 2 kids in tow did not seem like fun!! So, I gave it another crack and thank goodness this time round it was with Dave. He sorted me right out!! He had a way of explaining things that just made sense, and things that I’d previously battled with, were becoming easier and felt more natural. I cannot recommend Dave highly enough. He always made me feel relaxed, always explained things clearly, always had a smile no matter how his day was going and always had top quality banter!! In the end I passed 1st time with 3 minors. All credit to my mint instructor.


Dave was an excellent instructor. He made you feel so comfortable while driving, never too serious, always had a laugh, but always helping and focusing on what you needed to do. He explains everything very clear and was very easy to talk to if you had any problems with anything. I felt confident behind the wheel with Dave every lesson, and always looked forward to my lessons. I was so nervous going to do my test, but with Dave next to me he put me at ease and calmed my nerves. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else but Dave, he is a brilliant teacher!!! So happy I had him as my instructor, now I am a confident driver on my own.


Learning to drive with Dave was good crack. You get plenty of banter and hear some hilarious stories about the other pupils he teaches. He never fails to make you laugh, and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the whole lesson, sometimes a bit too comfortable. Nevertheless, Dave is the best instructor I’ve ever come across, all his techniques and advice serve extremely well when it comes to your test, so you have absolutely no need to worry. On the very rare occasion that you may come across something that you cannot get your head around, Dave will always provide you with a quick and easy explanation that you can put straight into practise and crack whatever it is your trying to overcome.

I knew that I’d miss my lessons with Dave, which is why I prolonged passing my test. However now that I have passed, I am a very confident driver, and I know that I have nothing to fear when getting out on the roads without him.

Thanks Dave! You’re an excellent instructor!